Edmodo- Why You Should Use It

Okay, so I signed up on a whim. Something that I seem to be keen to do with little follow through. (I really should get busy and unsubscribe to all those sites I found weren't really worth it). This site, however IS AMAZING! I think of it as Facebook meets school. The kids can interact with each other and with their teacher(s).

But it goes much further than that. As a teacher I can create and assign quizzes, test, surveys all with little effort to create. I can embed media links that will play right from the Edmodo page so that the students don't have to leave the site to veiw them.

You can create groups so that students can collaborate with peers on an assignment. Parents can signup with a special code from the teacher so they can view parts of the site and see what their student is doing.
I have been using it this year with decent success. I can remind students of upcoming assignments both in message form and in a very user-friendly calendar page that easily lets me organize and display upcoming due dates and such.

As a teacher, I strongly encourage to check out all the amazing advantages this site has to offer. (Including teacher communities for all levels and subjects).

Go on, click HERE...you KNOW you want to.


Mindy said...

I'm glad you like it and find it useful. :-)

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